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Iastra Broadcasting Network

Iastra Broadcasting

Global Broadcasting Platform


Iastra Capabilities and Infrastructure

Iastra has invested over $5 Million in building a global broadcasting and media streaming infrastructure that now boasts server farms in the US, Europe, Asia, Panama now beginning a new installation in Brazil and plans to begin a new installation in Australia, our large footprint currently is sufficient to broadcast the very largest of live events and Recorded Media that will have very large viewership, Iastra has also built our own end user websites that viewers will go to to watch these live shows as well as buy and rent Movies and other pre-recorded media.

Until now all money to build has been paid by the Chairman of the company who currently owns 100% of the issued and outstanding equity, he is the one and only shareholder of the company which currently also has no debt and is just now kicking off it’s numerous revenue streams on a global basis.

With the distribution websites in place we are now licensing organizations in all countries to operate Iastra Broadcasting offices using the Iastra Delivery Platform in their region. This will give Iastra events and original content from all regions of the world in all languages to be broadcast and sub licensed out to other networks both cable and internet based for even farther distribution.

Iastra also now has agreements with venue owners that are interested to broadcast events of all kinds from their venues, Iastra is speaking with groups that have sporting events, concerts of all kinds, special functions of a unique nature all of which Iastra is the broadcast partner for their Events. In addition to this Iastra also is working with large hotel / casinos which all have regular high value entertainment that Iastra is to broadcast via our own infrastructure on a Global Basis for free viewing and or by Pay per View / Video On Demand.

The Iastra infrastructure has the capability of reaching absolutely every connected person on the planet with a super high quality (TV quality) Media Stream that is on the very leading edge of technology today. To date Iastra has streamed over 800,000 media streams flawlessly without incident or downtime largely due to our Redundant network Architecture, all of our content is mirrored on all servers and people are routed to the server closest to them providing them the absolute fastest network and highest quality streaming experience possible today. Iastra’s has the fastest serving and hosting platform technologically possible today bar none.

The Iastra Business Model

The Iastra Business Model is similar to Netflix and whereby we offer Recorded Media of all kinds on a subscription basis to viewers, with the only difference being that Iastra has a much larger delivery area that covers the entire planet via our own server farms where people are routed to the nearest server. This is a market segment that other well known companies are not interested in going after and have elected to focus on the US market where Iastra is doing extremely well with literally no marketing dollars spent yet.

In addition to delivering recorded media from all content producers Iastra also has the Broadcasting Technology Platform specifically engineered for Broadcasting and Recording Live Events from venues all over the world, this will give Iastra a huge inventory of original recorded media that Iastra will distribute on our own infrastructure as well as license out to other networks both cable based and internet based.

These live events will give Iastra Broadcasting the largest viewing audience of all online streamers due to the fact that hotel / casino owners and other venues that have events such as large concerts, sporting events such as soccer, football, baseball, basketball, monster truck events, x-games events, auto races, Olympic event competitions and alike all of which bring many millions of viewers that have an interest in those events.

The live events will bring millions of customers and subscribers to Iastra with every single event, a prime example would be the Beyonce Concert Tour we are now beginning to plan which will bring us all of Beyonce’s fan-base, now over 100 Million people around the world whereby Iastra will be selling tickets to watch the concerts online broadcast to the comfort of their own homes.

With the robust Iastra infrastructure currently in place we can handle traffic of millions of viewers and over 100,000 live streams all going at the same time, We can easily and very quickly expand our network once we reach the limits of our current hardware configuration, however we have way more than enough server horsepower to accommodate the very largest of viewing audiences unlike other services that don’t have the capabilities that Iastra has right now.

The Iastra Server Farms are all Collocated and Load Balanced in a fully redundant network architecture with all content mirrored on all servers giving Iastra a bullet proof network that can handle the very largest of audiences that could easily dwarf Super Bowl audience sizes with no problem at all.

Iastra is also looking to global brands for sponsorship and advertising at these Global Events.


Iastra Content

Iastra bought out a small video rental chain that was in bankruptcy and now has the entire inventory of over 500,000 video’s and DVD that include over 45,000 of the latest movie titles from literally all studios and production companies including Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, German, French, Spanish titles and version of movies and TV programs that we are currently Renting, selling and streaming.

Iastra is interested in gaining additional content with agreements being made with content owners on a daily basis, Iastra is now seeking to have agreements with all studios and content producers all over the world, Iastra also is very interested in providing licenses to our original content to distribution companies around the world, other cable based networks and other online companies that are interested to broadcast it to their customers and users.

Cutting Edge Technology

The Technology Platform that Iastra has developed puts Iastra in a unique space that is new and very exciting indeed, the value proposition with Live Event Broadcasting puts Iastra in a leadership position where other similar companies are not pursuing or have no interest in getting involved in at all. The agreements that Iastra is signing with Venue owners provides Iastra Exclusive rights to broadcast these events and Iastra retains ownership of the media recorded and broadcast. That is the difference that Iastra is now positioned to enjoy.

We are making agreements with Hotel Chains, Stadium Owners, Casinos and Venues that have daily entertainment Iastra can Broadcast Globally to viewers that will tune in to watch and are willing to pay to watch these evens on a payper view or monthly subscription basis.

Ancillary revenues will come from licensing the content we broadcast to all Cable based networks around the world as well as online companies that are hungry for all new content they can get.

Talent / Artist Development

Along with original content that Iastra is producing in the form of TV shows, Movies and Documentaries Iastra is now also signing agreements with music groups that will be broadcast around the world in the same manner that Virgin Group has done to become one of the worlds largest entertainment distribution companies.

Iastra Free TV

Iastra Broadcasting has recently launched “Iastra Free TV” which is a Media Player that can be embedded on literally any website where it provides daily programming that is completely controlled by Iastra. Within the Iastra Free TV Embeddable Player are Channel Slots that Iastra is now leasing out to Content Producers, the episodes in the Free TV Player are updated every day and give content producers a place to release their shows, movies or literally any kind of media to be viewed by anyone that has a internet connection.

This gives Iastra Broadcasting the very largest potential viewing audience of all broadcasters anywhere in the world. The Iastra Free TV Player is now embedded on over 30 websites and is growing fast, soon the Iastra Free TV Player will be on thousands of websites that have large user-bases of their own, the Iastra Free TV Player is also being installed in hotels, hospitals, airports, buses, airplanes, trains, hostels and any other business that is looking for a alternative to regular cable TV or are looking for a new way to give added entertainment to their users.

The Iastra Free TV Player is being received very well and people all over the world are spending many many hours on the websites that have embedded the Iastra Free TV Player which are now retaining their users rather than loosing their customers / traffic to youtube.

The Iastra revenue model is far superior than other companies in the same space Iastra provides a large percentage of the revenues generated to content producers and content owners other than meager pennies that youtube pays content owners.

We would be happy to show you how you too can generate the highest daily revenues by leasing a channel slot in the Iastra Free TV Player giving you a Global Audience that is anxiously awaiting your programs to watch online for free while we provide you strong daily revenues.

Original Content Production

Currently Iastra Broadcasting is producing 3 TV shows and 1 movies with plans to do many many more in the near future. Of Course Iastra will be licensing this original content to all other networks as well as streaming it ourselves via our own infrastructure.

The live events we broadcast also is owned by Iastra giving us a quickly growing catalog of great events which can be licensed out. As well as broadcasting this content we also earn 50% of the advertising and sponsorship revenues that these online broadcasts generate, (the other 50% going to the venue owners and artists themselves).

This is a very lucrative space for Iastra as we have already made the required investment in infrastructure. Iastra would love to “Broadcast Your Event….No Event is Too Big or Too Small”.

Your Private Channel
on Iastra Free TV

Iastra Broadcasting wants to help Content Producers, content brokers, content agents and Catalog Owners monetize your films. With the creation of your own private label channel(s) in the Iastra TV player now on over 30 websites and growing. You Now can have Your Private Channel on Iastra TV, here is “How It Works” and the “Revenue Model” for your private TV Channel to be Broadcast Globally via the Iastra Broadcasting Global Infrastructure.

Creation of Your Private Channel Free TV Channel

At Iastra We have Created a Digital Entertainment Broadcasting Platform Capable of Streaming the very largest of Live Events From Anywhere to Everyone without limitations via our own private broadcasting network infrastructure engineered for the very largest of events, streaming both live and recorded media to anyone in the world that has an internet connection.


Iastra also has created the Free TV Player that is being embedded on sites everywhere, now on over 30 high traffic websites, in the “Streaming TV Player” there are “Channel Slots” that Iastra is Leasing to companies with large amounts of content as well as content brokers / agents. The Free TV Player will plug into any web page with the simple insertion of the “IFrame Code”, the Free TV Player is already on approximately 30 Websites and growing fast with partners in all regions without limitations.


Your Private Channel

Will be assigned a slot in which you have total control over what events or shows you want to broadcast with content 7 days a week 365 days a year all at your complete discretion.


How It Works

Iastra will include the Video’s of “Your Private Channel” in the daily rotation on the Iastra Free TV Player to be displayed on all websites allowing Guests and Members to view “Your Private Channel” videos which will be updated on a daily basis with new episodes to be provided to Iastra at least 7 days prior to airing, emergency situations for last minute changes are allowed.


Here’s the Benefits!

Your Private Channel

is not restricted by Time or Length Constraints of any program it is your channel to run 24 hours per day, your programs can be any length without limitations you call the shots, 24 hours of airtime to fill with your own shows and films!!!


Can “Your Private Channel” Make Money With Iastra?

Absolutely yes….Each Episode can have advertising spliced into the video-episode itself (commonly known as commercials), normally 4 commercials per hour is acceptable, these commercials of course can be sold to sponsors and or sub-advertisers which can provide substantial revenues from “Your Private Channel” in the Iastra Free TV Player….the branding benefits of Global Broadcasting are priceless!!!


Included In This Complete End To End Solution

Your Private Channel” will also receive their own Private Channel Page on to which members and guests can subscribe to, “Your Private Channel” on a pay per view basis charging your viewers a subscription fee of your choosing. “Your Private Channel” also receives a Corporate Community Page in the Iastra Arts and Entertainment Community–  (with permission to create an unlimited number of sub-pages, groups, events, forums which also allows your fans and friends to “connect with you” giving you a “News Feed” to post that all users and guests will see.

In its Entirety, you will come to think of it as “Your Private Channel” Global Digital Entertainment Distribution Platform” sounds impressive and your right the technology platform is very impressive and robust.


To date Iastra has streamed over 1,500,000 movies, shows and video without a single interruption of service, that comes to over 3,000,000 hours of uninterrupted viewing on the Iastra Websites and our traffic to date is over 200,000,000 visitors to the Iastra wide area network sites combined, our network of partners is growing fast soon Iastra hopes to have many thousands of partners around the world that have the Iastra TV player embedded on their we sites to give you far greater distribution that possible you cable based operators in any region.


Technical Knowledge Required By You

The Best Thing About The Iastra Program Is…..We Manage The Entire Thing for You all you have to do is provide us the films or video content you want to distribute and we do everything else so you don’t need any technical knowledge at all to have your own channel…..that is our job.

The Revenue Model

The revenue model is exactly the same as Network TV today, so we are not re-inventing the wheel this is also an model that all advertising agencies are familiar with as well as the networks themselves who have made billions of dollars with this exact same revenue model. So it won’t be difficult to convince advertisers to buy your inventory from “Your Private Channel TV channel”

Feature Movie”

This is a new program from Iastra Broadcasting designed to help production companies reach a larger audience with a revenue model that makes sense in the traditional way that advertisers understand.

This is not only for movies but the same format can be used for documentaries, infomercials, promotional videos, educational video’s, TV shows and literally videos of all kinds.

We can Monetize your video content with our global audience.


Can Your Feature Movie Make Money With This Program???

Absolutely yes….Each Movie or video can have commercials spliced into the video- itself, normally 4 commercials per hour is acceptable, these commercials of course can be sold to sponsors and or sub-advertisers which can provide substantial revenues from the “Your Feature Movie Slot” in the Iastra Free TV Player….the branding and distribution benefits are priceless!!!

Depending on how much the “advertising spots” are sold for and the length of the Movie or video itself will determine your Daily income potential which could be very substantial.

The Revenue Model

The revenue model is exactly the same as Network TV today, so we are not re-inventing the wheel and it is a model that all advertising agencies are familiar with as well as the networks themselves who have made billions of dollars with this exact same revenue model. So it won’t be difficult to convince advertisers to buy your inventory for the “Feature Movie Presentation”.

Iastra Affiliate Program

The Following are just a few of the Products that Iastra offers, We will update all affiliates with all new product offerings.

Want to start making money in the new Digital Entertainment Revolution??

Iastra Broadcasting has just made it easy with the Richest Affiliate Program available on the internet today.

Step One is

: Become an Iastra Broadcasting Affiliate,

Easy Money, Enormous Money, Endless Money and best of all it is free:

Enroll here:

Iastra Technical Services
Everyone Is Using These Every Day

Iastra Enterprise Class Web Hosting
Iastra Offers the Absolute Fastest Hosting Possible, our servers have “Solid State Drives” providing up to 300% faster page loads. Cpanel admin control panel is standard for all hosting clients as well as offering our private RTMP Servers for broadcasters and event promoters. USA & Europe Locations.

Iastra offers 4 different types of hosting products;

A. Standard shared hosting for $5.95 per month
Affiliates earn $2.00 for their referrals on first 50 accounts, referral fee is upgraded to $2.50 after 50 customers.

B. Managed VPS $49.95 per month
Affiliates earn $10.00 for their referrals on first 50 accounts, referral fee is upgraded to $15.00 after 50 customers.

C. Dedicated Server $249.99 (4 cores 8 threads and 2 Terra-bytes of storage)
Affiliates earn $100 for their referrals on first 50 accounts, referral fee is upgraded to $150 after 50 customers.

****per month for the life of the account****

D. Reseller Hosting Account, Unlimited Hosting Clients for $39.99 per month
Affiliates earn $10.00 for their referrals on first 50 accounts, referral fee is upgraded to $15.00 after 50 customers.

Iastra Live Stream Connect…. RTMP Servers:

Iastra has server farms collocated all over the world, all servers are load balanced and people are routed to the server closest to them for the Ultimate in Broadcast Quality and Speed.

A. Monthly Connect $49.99 Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Usage
Affiliates earn $10 for their first 50 referrals and $15 after 50 sign-ups for the life of the account. Recurring

Yearly Live Streaming Connection $479.52 (20% discount) Unlimited Bandwidth Usage
Affiliates earn $100 for their first 50 referrals and $150 after 50 sign-ups for the life of the account. Recurring Movie Subscriptions

A. Monthly Unlimited Movies Subscription $7.99
Affiliates earn $3.00 for their first 50 referrals and $3.50 after 50 sign-ups for the life of the account. Recurring

B. Weekly Unlimited Movie Subscription $5.99
Affiliates earn $2.00 for their first 50 referrals and $2.50 after 50 sign-ups for the life of the account. Recurring

Iastra Integrated Marketing

As a result of Iastra Broadcasting’s investment in Infrastructure Development and the network resources required to operate a broadcasting platform as well as the software required to deliver this dynamic content Iastra now has in place the provisions to offer advertisers and clients a complete integrated marketing program for their movies, videos, broadcasts, events which will bring millions of real people to your virtual door to be a part of your project.

Being completely optimized in all digital media can make your job a breeze and will relive you of countless hours of managing a email marketing team that requires web-designers, mail servers, databases organized according to user data, server tracking programs and a plethora of people and services that we completely take off your hands for a very low cost of one mid level employee’s annual salary.

This replaces an entire team of employees, web-servers, mail-servers, web-designers, server-admins and the computers and equipment each of these employees will need, with a simple monthly payment to the “Iastra Integrated Marketing Program”…….The Peace of Mind and the Simplicity will make you look like a Star.

We offer tailor made advertising packages for any budget to give you maximum results.
For a More Detailed Information Media Kit, Simply Complete the Form Below and we will contact you within 24 hours:

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